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SimpleSurvey Enterprise Multi-user Online Survey and Form Software

Manage multiple user accounts, collaborate, share contacts, groups, projects and more with our Enterprise version

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Subscribe now to our online software service to create and manage your own surveys, questionnaires, online votes and forms. Instantly view results and generate reports. With SimpleSurvey, your survey and research projects become much easier to afford and implement! Consult our subscription packages to see which plan best meets your needs. If you would like to try SimpleSurvey for free and see the advantages for yourself, sign-up for a 30-day free trial account.


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SimpleSurvey Enterprise allows you to manage multiple users accounts across an entire organization.

SimpleSurvey's Enterprise version is designed for customers seeking a powerful, cost-effective, centralized solution to manage mulitple user accounts across an entire organization. SimpleSurvey's Enterprise version provides an advanced set of features and add-ons to provide ultimate functionality and options to users to create dynamic, professional, multilingual surveys, questionnaires, forms, e-voting applications and other similar projects, for different departments and divisions. Adminstrator accounts also have additional features allowing them to view all projects, across all departments and users assigned to the Enterprise version.

Share surveys, forms, stylesheets, logos, contacts, groups and more.

SimpleSurvey Enterprise makes it easy for users within an organization to collaborate on projects and increase productivity by reusing proven projects, templates and approved logos and banners. User accounts can create, manage and share their own private survey and form projects, as well as access global projects, templates, contacts, groups with other divisions. Administrator accounts can oversee all accounts assigned to the Enterprise verstion and can create and manage global projects, templates, contacts and groups.

SimpleSurvey Enterprise offers exceptional value for your money Starting at only $2,495 per year for 3 accounts

By grouping several user accounts under our Enterprise version, SimpleSurvey Enterprise can save your organisation thousands of dollars per year and offers you many more features for your money when compared to other online survey software. Fully scalable and highly-configurable, SimpleSurvey can easily support your changing needs, and we offer volume discounts available for larger subscriptions.

Check out the following Enterprise package available at only $2,495 per year for 3 accounts (add $995 per additional account):

  • Includes 3 individual user accounts (configure up to 3 departments-divisions) with Enterprise features;
  • Designate Administrator accounts (with enterprise user management and system administration options)
  • Share surveys, forms, stylesheets, logos, contacts, groups across accounts;
  • Create unlimited survey and form projects across accounts;
  • Send up to 30,000 emails per month;
  • Manage groups and contacts at individual user account level and globally;
  • Options available for advanced needs (click here to view)
  • Hosted in Canada

Need more capacity or different configuration? SimpleSurvey can handle it.

Contact us with your requirements and we can present you with a proposal tailored to your needs.

Priority Support

Priority Support In addition to access to online documentation and a FAQ section to address frequently asked questions, SimpleSurvey also provides enterprise users with priority response to user support questions and telephone support to help you get the most out of our software for your needs.