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Branded surveys, advanced logic, smart workflow, refined reporting, insightful analytics, and more.

Simplicity that extends to the most advanced surveys

Easily select from a variety of question types and leverage advanced features such as logic, branching, quotas, API integrations, and workflow triggers, to seamlessly build and launch your project. Our interface makes it effortless to create, distribute, and analyse even the most complex surveys, providing a user-friendly experience.

Make decisions with complete confidence

Elevate your decision-making with real-time insights and reports that can be easily shared within seconds. Present data in a visually appealing and meaningful manner using a range of options and graphs including bar charts, line graphs, scatter plots, histograms, pie charts, and more. Share reports online or export data in popular formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, CSV, and SPSS.

Elevate your brand's presence

Incorporate your logo, create personalised short link names, and craft custom themes that use your colours and fonts. Leave a lasting impression with personalised thank you messages that resonate with your audience. Direct respondents to your website upon completion, seamlessly extending your brand's reach. Maximise branding control with asset management, offering your team access to a treasure trove of vetted images, documents, templates, themes, and questions that align with your brand vision.

Find what works for you

We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs.

Amplifying connectivity


Collaborate to succeed

Unlock a world of fluid collaboration amongst Enterprise and Team users to turbocharge productivity and reduce survey creation time. Elevate the success of your team with your time-tested surveys, templates, trusted logos, and other assets, poised to spark innovation. Seamlessly create, curate, and manage your surveys, while tapping into a network of shared projects, templates, contacts, and groups across vibrant workspaces within your organisation. Experience the epitome of collaborative prowess and let your ideas soar to unparalleled heights!


Simple Single Sign-On access

Say goodbye to password overload and embrace the simplicity of Single Sign-On (SSO). Eliminate the need for a new password and log into your account securely using your organisation's corporate credentials for a seamless, secure experience.


Create accessible surveys aligned with WCAG Guidelines

Everyone's feedback counts. As part our unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity, meeting the diverse needs of our clients, and making everyone’s experience is a positive one, surveys and forms are designed to adhere to WCAG 2.1 guidelines for accessibility and easy use with software like JAWS and other screen readers.

Project mastery

Display logic and branching

Craft Intelligent surveys with smart logic

Embrace the future of surveys, where every interaction is finely tuned for relevance and impact. Create simple to intricate respondent paths using logic rules based on participant profiles and responses. Show or hide questions, pages, and elements according to their relevance to each participant ensuring everyone experiences what matters most to them.

Deployment and distribution

Reach out with seamless distribution

Seamlessly distribute your surveys and forms using different channels and methods. Personalise your outreach with captivating email or SMS invitations that ensure a warm welcome for every participant. Expand your reach effortlessly by sharing links across websites, social media, or internal channels, leveraging the full potential of digital connections. Embed QR codes into print materials, presentations, or events, enabling swift access and engagement. Send confidential, single-use survey links to participants for targeted surveys or use anonymous links to foster candid responses. Fortify your survey's security with password options. Streamline the participant experience by pre-filling response fields, making engagement smoother than ever before.

Contact management

Advanced contact management for enhanced participation

Use our powerful contact management system for the ultimate, personalised, participant experience. Easily import participant contact information, create contact groups, add custom fields, track activity, and more, to efficiently manage your survey participants across projects. Open the door to sending personalised invitations with unique collector links, pre-populating surveys with participant contact information, sending reminders only to participants who have not submitted their surveys, maximising response rate and more. Nurture respondent engagement and enhance your data collection now.

Task scheduler

Automate tasks for streamlined efficiency

Harness the power of automation to orchestrate harmonious survey dynamics. Effortlessly schedule open and closing dates, ensuring precision with time-bound execution. Craft a symphony of engagement by automating invites, reminders, and notifications, enhancing every step of the participant journey. Empower a fluid follow-up experience by assigning contacts to surveys sequentially on a predetermined cadence. Fine-tune access with personalised survey link durations. Elevate your survey experience completely with automated brilliance!

File uploads

Manage respondent file uploads and downloads with ease

Invite respondents to upload files to their response forms, enriching interactions in dynamic ways. Take charge with tailored control over allowed file types, ensuring seamless compatibility and enhanced security. Dive into the experience by perusing uploaded files individually, or effortlessly gather them all in a zip file for quick access. Incorporate pertinent downloadable documents right within your surveys or forms, offering respondents an immersive journey that bridges the gap between engagement and knowledge.


Effortlessly master multilingual surveys

Welcome to the realm of streamlined multilingual brilliance – where unity, translation, and insights converge as one. No need to create separate projects for each language or deal with cumbersome translation files and fragmented response data. Our integrated approach allows you to easily add multiple languages to a single survey using our intuitive translation toolset. Produce reports instantly using unified response data. Save time and frustration.

Elevating the game

Accept payments

Supercharge your business with Stripe’s payment platform

From products to donations, boost your offerings by seamlessly integrating Stripe payment blocks into your forms. Integrate payments, billing, order table cost calculators and more into your forms.  Assign categories to purchased items. Define your payment flow. Select the currency in CAD or USD. Unleash the potential now! Requires Stripe account.


Infuse your surveys with scoring magic

Assign scores to responses to create evaluation forms and dynamic quiz-style projects that effortlessly tally and rank responses. Use our advanced scoring report and graphs to gain deeper insights into your audience and make better-informed decisions.

Reporting and analytics

Illuminate your data with advanced reporting and analytic tools

Transform your insights into brilliance. With an extensive array of reports, dynamic graphs, and cutting-edge analytic tools at your fingertips, dive deep into feedback to unearth invaluable insights and showcase data like never before – in a visually captivating and impactful way. Instantly share reports online or effortlessly export survey data in a multitude of sought-after formats like Word, PowerPoint, PDF, CSV, and SPSS, seamlessly fueling analysis and supercharging collaboration. Your data storytelling just evolved into a masterpiece of innovation and engagement!

Sophisticated add-ons

Secure access page

Boost your survey security

Increase your survey’s security and protect it from unwanted responses. Send confidential links tied to each recipient’s personal survey that they can only submit once. Require a personal password for even more security. Apply global passwords to anonymous links. Use our advanced authenticator page to require respondents to enter certain credentials to access their surveys. No matter the need, we have the means.


Powerful API integration and actions

Communicate with your existing suite of web applications with our powerful and secure API and automate your workflow even more. REST API allows you to communicate or query our system using a simple URL syntax. Using GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE requests, you can request information to be sent to SimpleSurvey, updated, removed, or returned to your system, which will return JSON responses. Add or modify contacts and contact groups, send invitations to individual contacts or groups, open and close surveys, send email reminders, get responses, get respondent scores, and more.

Communication Workflow

Streamline automated communication processes

Optimise your survey process with seamless automation, turning data into actions. Automatically trigger tasks and dispatch information based on survey responses and conditions, ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time. Incorporate responses and metadata directly into email content and attach reports generated from your custom document templates. 

Contact collector

Optimise contact registration for effortless management

Generate contact files based on survey responses and feedback. Assign and categorise the newly created contacts into groups and assign them to subsequent surveys. This feature is ideal for registration forms, event management, medical or patient intake forms, and long-term studies. 

White labeling

Tailoring surveys and forms to you for branded excellence

Craft surveys and forms that align seamlessly with your organisation's branding while incorporating your domain into the project's URL and email invitations, eliminating any reference to SimpleSurvey. Take advantage of a fully white-labeled experience for your organisation.


Customised control to survey data

Grant access to survey dashboards, reports, and reporting tools for internal or external stakeholders using end-user licences. Enable viewing and editing of individual responses while tailoring views and permissions to meet each end-user's specific needs.

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