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Our turnkey services are tailored to deliver exceptional results and optimise response rates for your most critical mandates. With many successful implementations across diverse industries, we have the expertise to customise our services to your unique requirements. From start to finish, we’ll provide the support and guidance needed to achieve your objectives with confidence and excellence.

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As a trusted partner with a wealth of experience, we are your go-to solution for data collection projects. We prioritise confidentiality and data security, adhering to the highest industry standards to safeguard your valuable information. Partner with us and unlock the power of data for meaningful, data-driven decisions that drive your success.

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  • Quality assurance
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  • Customisation

Portfolio Highlights

Application forms

Simplifying the application process for internet rebates

Our team collaborated with a provincial organisation to launch an online application form allowing over 30,000 qualifying households to request a rebate for satellite internet. The form featured a custom developed address lookup function that helped applicants verify their eligibility. Once confirmed, applicants could complete their application and upload necessary documents for submission.

Employee feedback

Collecting input from employees upon departure or transfer

In partnership with a federal government department, we executed an employee exit survey. An essential aspect of this mandate was maintaining data privacy and ensuring response confidentiality, a task effectively managed through our platform. The insights gathered from the collected responses will aid the department in discerning the factors that impact and contribute to employee departures.

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