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Master your data collection skills with our online training.

Become an expert

Our online training sessions offer a multitude of benefits that empower learners to thrive in today's fast-paced world. Convenience takes center stage, as participants can access the courses from their home or office. Interactive features and collaborative exercises enhance engagement and retention, making online training an effective educational approach.

SimpleSurvey 101

Our most popular course is designed for those with little or no previous experience using our platform, but is also suitable for experienced users who want a refresher to gather productivity tips. Topics include navigating the application, exploring project elements such as response page, themes, question types, and emails, creating a survey, collecting responses, and analysing results.

Custom training

A tailored training session can be useful to address the topics and concerns most relevant to the type of projects your organisation will be implementing. They can also be an efficient way to explore more advanced features within our application. During these sessions, we will focus on exploring the functionalities you want to see most and answering any questions specific to your use cases.


Book a one-on-one session with a consultant to help guide you through the setup of a project. We understand that designing an effective survey requires careful consideration and expertise, and that's where we come in. Whether you're conducting satisfaction surveys, market research, or employee assessments, we'll ensure that your survey is optimised for maximum response rates and data accuracy.

Benefits of our online training:

  • Multilingual (English or French)
  • Fast track onboarding
  • Learn best practices
  • Address specific needs
  • Interactive format
  • Increase productivity

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