Create robust and professional multilingual surveys and forms.
Unlimited projects. Bilingual software and support. Canadian solution.

Up to 3 surveys and 25 responses.


Hosted in Canada  

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$27 / mo
Billed $324 annually
—      or      —
$109 / 3 months

  • 20+ question types & form elements
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Custom branding
  • Custom HTML emails
  • Page branching
  • File upload
  • Individual & summary reports
  • Advanced charts
  • Cross-tab
  • Export results (csv, xls, pdf, doc, ppt)
  • Export to SPSS


Up your game.

$50 / mo
Billed $600 annually
—      or      —
$199 / 3 months

  • Everything in SOHO, plus:
  • More question types
  • Advanced display logic
  • Conditional branching
  • Response piping
  • URL query strings
  • Custom footer
  • Randomize choices
  • Scheduled report runs
  • Advanced reporting


Collaborate. Share. Interact.

$75 / user / mo
Billed $900 annually
—      or      —
$329 / 3 months

  • Everything in ADVANTAGE, plus:
  • Even more question types
  • Manage multiple users
  • Accept online payments
  • Project documents
  • Manage disqualifications
  • URL redirect
  • Removal of SimpleSurvey mention
  • Custom confirmation messages
  • Advanced scoring


Engage. Empower. Expand.

$107 / user / mo
Billed $1,284 annually

  • Everything in TEAM, plus:
  • All question types
  • Advanced user management
  • Advanced contact management
  • Advanced email management
  • Custom sub-domain
  • Multiple add-ons available
  • Full white label (add-on)
  • Priority support

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Billed $324/yr
– or –
Billed $600/yr
– or –
Billed $900/yr
– or –
Billed $1284/yr


Canadian-owned, made and hosted
SimpleSurvey is developed, hosted and supported in Canada by a Canadian company.
Data at rest and in transit encryption
Encrypts all stored data and data transferred between the server, application users and respondents. Meets requirements for PIPEDA, PHIPA, PIPA, etc.
Customizable responsive design
Build responsive, cross-device surveys accessible by popular browsers, tablets, mobile devices, etc.
Brand with your logo, look and feel
Create multiple response collection links
Export raw data (CSV, PDF, Excel, Word)
Create and share reports
Bilingual interface & user support
Create accessible surveys (WCAG 2.1)
Multipage surveys and forms
Integrated multilingual surveys
Add multiple languages to one survey project. View and export responses from all languages in one data set. Start with language selector page or open immediately in respondent’s preferred language. Switch live between languages with language drop-down selector. Easily create multilingual reports.
Question and page branching (skip logic)
Advanced contact management
Import your contact lists. Assign contact groups to one or more surveys. See all projects assigned to contacts and their status.
Send custom HTML email invitations
Send invitations to groups of respondents with secure, unique links to their personal surveys. Manage email campaigns. Track email opens and responses. Send reminder emails. Create custom html email including contact names, logos, images, track openings, links, HTML formatting…
Scheduled tasks (open/close surveys, send invites/reminders)
Pipe variable data via response links
Pass values through response links to questions (displayed or hidden) to pre-populate responses.
Export to SPSS (.SAV format)
Advanced logic (Display rules, piping, variables, conditional branching, etc.)
Survey completion redirect
Redirect respondents to the url of your choice on completion of survey.
Manage teams, collaborate, share
Purchase and manage multiple user licences under one account. Manage multiple users, teams, surveys, forms, contacts, groups, and more across an entire organisation. Assign a manager role to a user licence to manage user information, permissions and more across all users licences within the account. Create team workspaces. Transfer and share surveys and forms between users.
Project documents
Add documents to your surveys or forms that respondents can download.
Remove SimpleSurvey footer
Accept payments in forms
Accept credit card payments in your surveys and forms using Stripe, a leading third-party payment platform. A Stripe account is needed to use the payment question option. Visit to learn more.
Data warehouse report
Eliminate the need to use SimpleSurvey passwords by using SAML for Enterprise to sign in using your organisation’s sign-in credentials.
SimpleSurvey API
SimpleSurvey’s API enables your developers to leverage SimpleSurvey features in your own application and call methods to create contacts, send surveys, get response data back and more.
White labeling


Online user documentation (bilingual)
Online support (bilingual)
Priority Support
We provide technical user support via our online support request handler. Customers with priority support will receive priority handling. If our support staff cannot resolve your issue rapidly via email, we will call you.

Design Features

Create a survey from scratch, from a copy or from a saved template
Several question types, options and page elements to choose from
Add survey title, subtitle, sections, subsections, HTML text blocks
Include your logo
Export survey questions to Word
Create project folders
Multimedia support
Display section numbers or letters
Preview & test surveys before deploying
Display question numbers or letters
Response quota
Cap the number of responses received per survey.
Kiosk mode (continuous display)
Create QR code images to access surveys and reports
Create multilingual surveys with unified data sets and reporting
Create survey short link names
Create a brief and easy to remember URL to direct participants to your response page by including a customized short url in your questionnaire link address ex.
Standard skip logic (branching)
Skip to a page or a question
Customize navigation buttons
Personalise thank you messages
Password-protect surveys
Create custom themes
Customer page footer
Table of contents
Allow respondents to move freely within a questionnaire to access different sections or pages.
Display logic
Use display logic to show or hide questions and responses, by using conditional logic applied to responses from previous questions.
Completion time setting
Pass values to surveys using custom link variables
Add custom link variables to the survey link to pass values to your survey to pre-populate responses, segment responses, track respondents sources and more.
Include custom JavaScript
Grouping rules
Categorize respondents into groups during survey completion based on answers to one or more previous questions and navigate the survey according to the group profile.
Include your organization’s CSS library
Allow respondents to download the survey and responses from the survey page

Question Types and Options

Choose from a large selection of question types and options
Open text question (single line)
Open text question (multiple lines)
Validated input box (date, email, money, phone, postal code, regular expression, etc.)
Binary question (Yes/No, True/False)
Multiple choice – select one answer only (radio button, drop-down list)
Multiple choice – select multiple answers (checkboxes)
Number (integer, real)
Numerical allocation (with summing)
Enter numeric values for a list of items. The sum of the items can be displayed and/or validated against a constant sum.
Slider value
Single-selection matrix
Multiple-selection matrix
Ranking question (select responses by order of preference, importance, priority)
File upload question
This question type allows the respondent to upload a file (ex. CV, Excel, text document, PDF…).
Textbox grid (fixed number of lines)
Variable-line matrix
Net promoter score (NPS) ©
Side-by-side matrix
Allow respondents to add signatures to a questionnaire using a mouse or touch screen.
Drill down (cascading menus)
Disable questions
Add a complementary question to many question types
Set default answer values
Assign default response values to question types
Attribute points to questions answers
Bulk import choice lists (copy/paste)
Sort choices alphabetically
Force question response
Add question specific help (tooltips)
Add help page links to questions
Display score tally
Display the total score of questions on previous pages.
Create and manage question templates
Randomize question display order
Randomize order of choices
Question choice quotas
Specify a quota for a response choice in multiple-choice/single-answer questions to limit the number of times the response choice can be selected by respondents.
Hidden field
Allow only the questionnaire designer to see the question when editing a respondent questionnaire.
Use images in your response choices
Piping (carry forward responses from previous questions, contact files)
Advanced customization (buttons, messages, custom end …)
Randomly display a number of questions from a pool of questions
Create dynamic response choice lists
Create and manage dynamic lists of responses choices for multiple choice questions that can be used across all projects (ex. list of employees)
Download form (PDF, Word)
Insert an element that will let the respondent download the questionnaire (PDF) with or without their answers.
Group contact selector question
Question type to select a contact from a contact group as a response to the question.

Logic, Branching and Events

Receive email notifications when respondents submit responses
Let respondents view results upon submitting responses
Send responses to participants upon completing survey
Standard skip logic (branching)
Branch to a page or question based on an answer to a question
Conditional branching
Skip to random page
Add display logic to pages, questions, text blocks, etc.
Use display logic to show or hide elements depending on a respondent’s answers to previous questions.
Send email alerts and notifications to specified recipients triggered by participant responses
Branch to any webpage (redirection)
Use branching (skip logic) to send a respondent to any webpage during the completion of a questionnaire when certain conditions are met.

Publishing and Response Management

Share via link
Embed in an iframe
Embed surveys and forms in your website or blog.
View status of participants
See if a participant’s survey or form is empty, in progress or complete.
Add new participants to a live survey
Edit participant responses
Re-initialize participant responses
Re-open submitted response forms
Task scheduler (open/close surveys, send invites & reminders)
Schedule dates and times to open and close a survey, send invitations, and send reminder emails.
Assign individuals and groups to surveys
Save and continue later
Anonymize respondent results
Mask identity of a targeted respondents.
Advanced task scheduler
Pop-up surveys
Display custom pre-start landing page
Bulk delete respondents using filters
Export participant questionnaire URLs
Screen-out management
Branch respondents out of a survey if they do not qualify to complete the survey. Mark status as closed, not complete.

Email management

Send invitations by email
Create and send personalized email invites with unique survey links for each contact for easy tracking and management of targeted surveys
Send reminder emails
Send reminder emails to respondents who did not complete survey
Include logo or images in email body
Send basic receipt confirmation emails
Send basic receipt confirmation emails to respondents on submit.
Include unsubscribe links in your emails
Advanced project custom emails
Create your own custom emails to use instead of standard system email messages sent for Save and continue later option, respondent receipt confirmation option and more.
Send custom confirmation emails to respondents who submit their surveys
Send email notifications to assigned respondents
Email template management
Conditionally send custom emails containing response variables and response files to distribution lists on survey completion
Create on-submit email triggers based on user-defined criteria to send emails to using selected email templates, populated with participant response data and project information.

Reporting and Analysis

View results and graphs in real-time
Create summary reports with counts, totals, averages, graphs and more
Create individual participant reports all or selected individual respondents
Share report via URL
Distinct report labels
Use a set of labels for reports distinct from those in a survey.
Create multiple summary report views
Create public and private reports
Export response data to popular file formats (CSV, PDF, Excel, Word)
Export complete response data to Excel
Store reports and response data files
Drop-off statistics
See where respondents are dropping off.
Basic cross-tab report
Advanced cross-tab reports
Respondent completion time report
Export to SPSS
Schedule report runs
Advanced scoring features
Send customised email to respondent including score
Share password-protected report links
Data warehouse export format
Word cloud
Password-protected report dashboards

Contact and Group Management

Contact management system
Contact and group management features to assign and track survey participants
Bulk import contacts
Import multiple contacts and contact information from your contact lists into SimpleSurvey’s contact database. Import into groups that can easily be assigned to surveys and forms.
Create folders to manage contact groups
Import user-defined fields for advanced reporting and filtering of respondent data
Assign contacts and groups to surveys
Synchronize groups with surveys
Automatically send new group contacts invitations to all surveys the group is synchronized with.
Create contacts and groups visible to all or to assigned workspaces only
Update contact fields with survey responses
Advanced import actions
Exclude duplicates using unique contact fields or field combinations. Do upserts (upload new records and update existing records at the same time using an external id). Import using action commands.
Contact creator and collector module
Allows you to use responses from a questionnaire to automatically create new contacts in your account and assign them to projects and/or groups.

Multilingual Features

Bilingual user interface (English, French)
Support international languages (UTF-8)
Create multilingual surveys with unified data sets and reporting
Mass translation
Automatically translates commonly used names, words and terms.
Send emails, surveys and forms in respondent’s language
Toggle between languages in survey
Include language selection landing page

Enterprise Features

Manage multiple user licences under one account
Assign users to workspaces
Collaborate: share projects, contacts, groups, etc.
Share response page themes
Secure survey login page (requires respondent ID and PIN to access survey)
Web service API (for integration)

Security, Survey/Form Types, Access & Options

Securely hosted in Canadian data centers complying with Service Organization Controls standards for operational security
SimpleSurvey is securely hosted in Canadian data centers complying with Service Organization Controls standards for operational security and are audited at least annually against the SOC reporting framework by independent third-party auditors who review controls for data security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.
Secure HTTPS in transit encryption of response data
Survey links use secure connections by default for encrypted transmission of respondent data.
Database encryption at rest
Password features (secure change, forget password routines)
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Option to capture respondent IP address
Password-protected surveys
Use CAPTCHA to prevent spambots from completing questionnaires
Restrict access by IP address
Define which IP address(es) can access survey.


Total number of active and stored surveys/forms.
File upload storage
Storage for files uploaded by respondents.
Responses per year
Prorated to subscription period.
Add responses
Increase limits at any time. Additional costs applicable.

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