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Subscribe to our online survey software service to create and manage your own surveys, questionnaires, online votes and forms. Instantly view results and generate reports. With SimpleSurvey, your survey and research projects become much easier to afford and implement! Consult our subscription packages to see which plan best meets your needs. If you would like to try SimpleSurvey for free and see the advantages for yourself, sign-up for a 15-day free trial account.

Online data collection and analysis software solutions to the healthcare community.

Healthcare agencies, clinics, hospitals, researchers and professionals across the nation rely on SimpleSurvey’s advanced software to conduct critical online surveys and research.

Whether you are looking for a secure, proven, professional online software tool to create your own data collection and analysis surveys, forms or questionnaires or you are are seeking a qualified partner to assist you with a special project, SimpleSurvey has the experience, qualifications and personnel to support your needs from beginning to end.

Healthcare professionals use our software on a daily basis and have called upon us many times to participate in large-scale, national health studies and clinical studies in different matters from cancer treatment feedback to the effects of influenza vaccinations. Our sophisticated data collection and analysis web application offers many advanced respondent management, tracking, analysis, reporting features, export methods, options to assure full respondent anonymity and other useful features at an affordable price. Our online service is available on a 24/7/365 basis. Client data is protected at different levels and resides on application servers hosted in Canada, where it is protected by strict confidentiality laws.

Proven Healthcare Industry Experience

National health research studies, regional healthcare and social service centres, hospitals, university medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies and more

SimpleSurvey is used by researchers, institutions and private companies in the healthcare sector to conduct important online research. We have been involved in a number of important healthcare and social study mandates at both a regional level, as well at a national level with studies involving several research centers. Our software solution is highly adaptable to accommodate complex requirements and we also offer custom programming services around our core application to provide innovative solutions to meet a client’s unique needs.

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We understand that not all things can wait. To this effect, SimpleSurvey offers a priority support service with emergency response numbers and supports emails with service available on a 24/7 basis. Rest assured that we are there to support you at all times.

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