Team up, increase productivity, share ideas, build better projects.

Enterprise Data Collection Tool for Professionals

Designed for customers seeking a powerful, cost-effective, centralized solution to manage multiple user accounts within their organization.

Manage multiple users accounts across an entire organization

Enterprise Highlights

  • Create user workgroups, share, collaborate
  • Advanced features and add-on availability
  • Full white-label availability
  • Priority support

SimpleSurvey Enterprise makes it easy for users within an organization to collaborate on projects to increase productivity and reduce project creation time by reusing proven projects, templates and approved logos and banners. User accounts can create, manage and share their own private projects, as well as access global projects, templates, contacts, groups with other divisions. Administrator accounts oversee all accounts assigned to the Enterprise version and can create and manage global projects, templates, contacts and groups.

24/7 Availability

Our hosted enterprise survey software and form tool services run 24/7 all year round. So no matter where you are in the world, or what time of day it is, you can access your account, manage your projects and collect data without worry.

Securely hosted in Canada

Our servers are hosted in commercial data centers located on Canadian soil. Data is backed up, encrypted and geo-replicated for full recovery in the event of a disaster at our primary data center.


Simply put, your data is your data, period! We do not your use data for any other purpose than to support your use of the software. We abide by strict Canadian laws regarding privacy and take appropriate measures necessary to assure the privacy of the data you collect using our software.

Protecting Your Data

Security and Privacy - Your concern is ours.

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and use of client data is a top priority for SimpleSurvey. Our servers and backups are located on Canadian soil only and are hosted in secure commercial data centers that meet strict government compliance requirements, as required by many of our clients. As a Canadian company, we abide by strict Canadian laws regarding the protection of personal information (PIPEDA, FIPPA, PIPA…) and only use your data to support your use of our software.

For more information on the confidentiality, protection and use of your data please refer to our terms of use and FAQ page.