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Subscribe to our hosted software service and start creating your own surveys, questionnaires, online votes and forms right now. Consult our subscription packages to see which plan best meets your needs, or sign-up for a 30-day trial account and try out SimpleSurvey’s SOHO version for free – no credit card required!

Easily create your own web surveys and forms

SimpleSurvey’s cloud-based software service lets you easily create and manage web surveys and forms in a matter of minutes right from your browser. Offering a wide range of features, options and subscription plans to fit a variety of needs, SimpleSurvey is the most sensible choice for professionals and organizations that do research, surveys, studies, administrative procedures and other projects requiring an advanced online data collection and analysis tool. Here are just some of the features and benefits our solution:

  • Easy to use, affordable, subscription-based online software tool for simple to advanced data collection and analysis projects (surveys, questionnaires, forms, votes, etc.)
  • 100% Web-based application. No software required other than an active internet browser
  • Single to multi-user support (Team/Enterprise)
  • Cross-platform support (desktops to smartphones, responsive design)
  • Multilingual surveys with unified data sets
  • Advanced features (logic, workflow, team, document management…)
  • Create integrated multilingual questionnaires
  • Bilingual software and support (English, French)
  • Advanced respondent management & tracking (contact address book, groups management, invites)
  • Advanced real-time reporting & analysis tools (summary, cross-tab, scoring, individual, public…)
  • Fully export data to database-friendly formats (Excel, CSV, SAS…)
  • Designed, developed, supported and hosted in Canada (government-compliant data centers)
  • Respect and support of strict Canadian privacy laws

Click on the following links to view SimpleSurvey features, subscription plans and pricing to determine what best meets your needs. You can also sign-up for a Free 30-day trial offer (no credit card required) and try our software for yourself.

SimpleSurvey is a powerful, cloud-based data collection and analysis software tool that allows you to easily create, deploy, manage and analyze online surveys, questionnaires, forms, polls and other similar applications. Widely used by professionals in marketing, healthcare, research, communications, human resources, education, government, consulting and other fields, SimpleSurvey can support simple to advanced needs, multilingual surveys, team collaboration, data sharing and much more.

Subscription-based online software service: powerful features, endless possibilities & great value!

Online support and training

SimpleSurvey’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use so that you can start working on your projects right away. Our application provides users to a detailed online user guide and to all pages, as well as a online support request option that allows you to rapidly submit and receive answers to your questions. We can also provide you with additional training personalized to your needs to help you get the most out of our software for your needs.

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