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Location of SimpleSurvey servers and data

SimpleSurvey is entirely designed, developed, hosted and supported in Canada. Our servers are located in a commercial hosting center in Montreal, secured behind three physical layers of security and a firewall. The technical infrastructure and application architecture of SimpleSurvey are designed, deployed and supported using state-of-the art equipement, software, techniques and methods to assure a high-performance, high-availability (24/7/365), reliable and secure operating environment. Hosted in Canada, your data and information stored in SimpleSurvey's servers are protected by Canada’s strict privacy laws which are closely aligned to European laws, and your data is not subject to access under the US Patriot Act.

Security declaration

System security, the protection of your data and the confidentiality of your information are of utmost importance to us. SimpleSurvey uses leading software and hardware tools and techniques to assure that you data is protected at all times. Access to the software available over a secure SSL connection only to users with a valid account and password. SImpleSurvey is a fully designed, developed and hosted-in-Canada survey software tool. Your data physically resides on Canadian soil and is protected by our strict laws governing the privacy and confidentiality of your data and information. Also, your data is not vunerable to being accessed under the US Patriot Act as other US-based survey solutions are.

Confidentiality Policy

The web sites,, and are operated by OutSideSoft Solution Inc. of Canada, also operators of SimpleSurvey™ an online application that permits you, the client, to commmunicate and exchange information between your employees, suppliers, clients and other groups and individuals using web surveys, questionnaires and forms created and managed using SimpleSurvey. The respect of client privacy and the protection of the confidentiality of client data are of utmost importance to us and are fundamental business principles of our company. ALL client account data and information transmitted, processed and stored using SimpleSurvey remain the exclusively property of the client, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in written or electronic communications.

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