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Additional Advanced Options & Add-ons

Advanced Modules available as add-on options

Secure PIN-protected respondent access page

Access surveys or forms using unique project codes and passwords

With our encrypted access page option, respondents can access surveys or forms securely by using a unique project code and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access their response page.

The secure access page can be customized to include your text and logo.

Auto-subscribe page

Respondent self-registration page for surveys and forms

Allow respondents to register themselves online to surveys and forms using a customizable auto-registration page..

Upon completing the online self-registration form, the participant will receive an email with a personal link to complete the survey or form.

Synchronize contacts with your database or CRM

SimpleSync Simplifies Contact Management

Using SimpleSync, you can automatically synchronize your contacts and contact groups with SimpleSurvey's contact database to save you lots of time and effort when you do lots of survey with in a dynamic environment.

Data Pre-Load

Pre-load respondent data fields into response pages

Pre-load personalized response data into respondent pages. Known information can be posted to response fields to allow use to validate the information.

Data Merging & Consolidation

Merge survey and form responses/results into one project

You can merge survey and form responses into one project and view results in one consolidated project. This can be very useful for national projects where you may want to have different sites, branches and/or divisions conduct survey among their key clients, employees or contacts and then you can consoldate data on a national level.

Use your corporate domain name

See your own domain name in the survey or form address bar and email links

Use your domain name in survey and form addresses as well as email invitation and reminder emails.

White Label

Do you need to remove references to Simple and fully incorporate your brand?

Remove references to SimpleSurvey to completely brand the application in your corporate identity (email links with your domain name. survey and form urls with your domain name, etc.).

Dedicated Hosting Environment

Would you like a hosting environment dedicated for your use?

We can host an instance of our software application and environment on a dedicated plateforme strictly for your organization's use only. Our servers are hosted in Canada.