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Event online data collection & analysis solutions

Get the feedback you need to improve your events, conferences and corporate activities

Get the information and feedback you need to manage and improve your conference, corporate events and activities

image Are you looking for an easy way to collect and analyze information online for your next event? SimpleSurvey offers turnkey solutions and services to support a variety of web-based information gathering and analysis needs and help you easily collect feedback to improve your events and conferences. At the core of our offering is our multilingual professional online software that allows you to rapidly create and manage Web surveys, questionnaires and forms to communicate and exchange information with various parties who are key to your success.

A simple solution to collecting a wealth of information for your event

Satisfaction surveys, administration and registration forms, conference and speaker feedback, requests for information SimpleSurvey can be used throughout the life-cycle of your events or conferences to create online surveys, questionnaires, forms, quick polls and other similar web tools to collect information online in a highly efficient and timely manner. SimpleSurvey can help you to get the right information quickly to make informed decisions and contribute to maintaining a high level of service and communication with attendees, exhibitors, suppliers and other groups.

Before your event

  • Evaluate the needs of different event participants, exhibitors, suppliers and others.
  • Create event, conference, workshop registration forms, etc.

During your event

  • Get instant feedback on speakers and workshops.
  • Put contest entry forms on Web pages or to send out to collect emails and contact information.
  • Create technical request support forms for exhibitors.rom Exhibitors.

After your event

  • Collect and analyze Attendee feedback
  • Collect and analyze Exhibitor feedback

Kiosks and on-site data collection

  • Create surveys and forms to be complted at your kiosk
  • Use event staff equiped with iPads and tablets to sollicit respondents on the floor

Invite by email or from a web page

  • Incorporate survey and forms on your web site and receive responses instantly
  • Import your respondent information and language, and send personalized email invitations with a unique link per respondent (or choose the same link for everyone for anonymous surveys).

Track and analyse results instantly

  • Track and view results instantly.
  • Produce and exports reports to Excel or PDF (raw data, consolidated, individual reports available).

Priority Support


We understand that not all things can wait. To this effect, SimpleSurvey offers a priority support service with emergency response numbers and supports emails with service available on a 24/7 basis. Rest assured that we are there to support you at all times.


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